Call for ideas worth spreading! (Accepting applications until September 22nd.)

The link to apply to speak at our 2020 event is OPEN! We can’t wait to see what fantastic ideas Boise has to share with our team—and the world! You’ll notice that we’re calling for great ideas, not great speakers.That’s because TED and TEDx talks are about the idea itself, not the person sharing it.

We’re interested in new and exciting discoveries made by our Treasure Valley-ish people. Who has made you think differently about something? Changed your perspective or the way you live? Encourage them to apply—or submit your own application. For brownie points, Tweet it to @TEDxBoise also.

The link is open from now until September 22 at 11:59pm. We really can’t take any late applications, so make sure you get it in on time!

Here are the other important dates for your calendars (required for all speakers):

  • Selected applicants receive invites to pitch their ideas: October 2

  • Applicant pitch sessions: October 6-10 (please save all dates until notified)

  • Speakers notified of selection: October 14

  • Speaker workshop: October 26

  • Mandatory rehearsals:

    • February 29

    • March 14

    • April 4

    • April 10

  • The main event: April 11

If you missed our last post, it contained some other important information. Review it here.