Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Susan


We’re still celebrating our amazing volunteer crew! Please meet Susan Cole, who harnessed a wealth of ideas to bring our theme to life… on the stage, in the lobby, and on a billboard downtown (!)… as our co-creative director.

 Our 2019 event was Susan’s second participating on the marketing side of the house. “I love energy, new thinking and our community,” she said. “TEDxBoise celebrates all that goodness, rolled into one!”

 From speakers to volunteers, Susan has been wowed by “how many cool and enthusiastic people there are willing to share their passions.”

 For TED inspiration, Susan has a list of favorite talks she’s open to sharing with you. Pressed to pick one, she chose Sir Ken Robinson’s Do schools kill creativity?, as “it was one of the very first talks I heard, and I was hooked.” She added, “I felt like he was giving voice to many of my unspoken thoughts!”

 You might run into Susan riding her cruiser on the greenbelt, hiking with friends in the foothills, honoring her yoga practice, and eating outside one of her many favorite restaurants, “preferably outside on a warm, pre-summer night.”

 And if you do meet her, we’ve got a conversation starter for you! When we asked our volunteers ‘what might someone be surprised to know about you?’ she responded: “I am a mortician's daughter.”

 Thank you, Susan, and all our volunteers, for the time and care given to our organization. Again, this isn’t our first spotlight, so do meet the other amazing teammates we’ve been able to highlight so far: Christian, Alison,Soleil, and Brittany.