Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Soleil

As we highlighted in our first two volunteer spotlights (Christian & Alison), we have some special folks on our team helping to organize an event you’ll enjoy. We’re continuing to use this space to introduce you to some amazing folks here in the Treasure Valley; up next, Soleil Fortin, who is our planning our after party!

Soleil attended a previous TEDxBoise before volunteering last year and loves how our event “encapsulates the spirit of TED in a way that is unique to our community.”


Her role this year has pushed Soleil to engage in our community with more intention, and she’s discovered that Boiseans value a diverse set of perspectives. She has also picked up a few fun facts along the way. “Stilt walking so interesting,” Soleil shared of a recent trip to The Basque Center to explore entertainment options for our post-event gathering. “Stilt walking has an incredibly practical history. You get so much farther with each step.”

Soleil also gives her time with APICS Idaho, the YMCA, Boise State and Camp Rainbow Gold, and finds gratification in being a part of such valuable organizations.

If you’re looking for a good video to watch when the rain comes back this week, Soleil shares her favorite TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story. “Chimamanda (Ngozi Adichie) shows us that we can—and we should—hold the truths of many peoples’ stories alongside our own,” she said. “She shows us how to open our minds to each other and therefore be better and more compassionate humans.”

If you’re still on the fence about attending this year’s event, Soleil wants to point you to this blog post, which she feels captures the top 10 reasons to give our event a go. We’ll add No. 11: the after party! Be sure to flag Soleil down and chat about food… she’s on the search for the best dishes in town. She can also be found sitting in the dark at the Flicks or the Egyptian to catch a show.