Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Christian


Organizing an event on the scale and of the quality of TEDxBoise requires the support of 25 volunteers and more than 3,000 hours of hard work. Each member of the team has a specific role, in which they incorporate their profession, talents, and passion. Our core team leadership roles require a higher level of year-round involvement, where the commitment is few hours each week until mid-winter, and increases to 10-15 hours a week as the event approaches.

Janessa & Christian.jpg

We’d like to use this space to introduce you to a team member who’s been with the org all five years: Christian Carley – stage manager and production coordinator.

He had some friends that were involved and they inspired him to jump in too, but over the years, he has become TEDxBoise. Our event doesn’t happen without his knowhow. He credits “writing things down” as the key to getting his job done. We’ll add organization, preparation and lots of communication lead to a smooth event backstage.

One fellow team member said of Christian, “He hits the sweet spot of taking his role seriously—making sure all the details are in place—without taking himself too seriously. Case in point: after a long effort setting up our set and running all the tech rehearsals, Christian was sporting a paper Star Wars mask to round out the day.”


Another team member added, “Christian is approachable and makes everyone feel valued and important. He has the confidence of everyone around him and his amazingness is an integral part of the TEDx experience.”

You might also see Christian’s magic at Treefort Music Fest and on Radio Boise, as he also donates his time and talent with those two orgs. He also loves to hike, so high five him if you cross paths in the foothills. And… if you want to talk math, philosophy or death metal, Christian’s your volunteer to find at our after party.

If you’re still on the fence about attending this year’s event, Christian wants you to know, “the production value is always great and there is bound to be a speaker you resonate with. You also receive cool goodies.”