Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Alison

As we mentioned in our first volunteer spotlight, organizing an event like ours takes a small village. Our core team first gathered in the fall to start planning for this year’s spring show. Each member of our team has a specific area, in which they incorporate their profession, talents and passion. We’d like to use this space to introduce you to a team member who’s joining us for a third year, Alison Ruoff, who is our webmaster and production assistant.

DD2C0D96-0645-41A7-AFCE-D1A4DCD3A6BD - Alison Ruoff.jpeg

A kindergarten teacher by day, Alison was working on an Ed.S degree at Boise State (Education Specialist in Educational Technology) when she received an email in her school account with the opportunity to volunteer. She showed up to our first planning meeting willing to do whatever we needed, and when we learned about her web dev skills, we happily handed over the keys to our home page. As there’s not much website updating required on event day, we loved her eagerness to pitch in backstage, where we more than needed the extra set of hands.

“I love the exposure to all the different elements of making TEDx happen… from seeing the speakers get selected, to the development of the theme and stage design,” she said. “Everyone on our team is so passionate about what they do and believe in TEDx’s mission. That kind of energy is great to be around!”

One fellow team member said that Alison, also known as ALISONx, accounts for 80 percent of the morale on the production crew and ensures a smooth run of show. “She is never shy to offer a helping hand and she will also make you laugh! Her contributions have been received with much gratitude.”


Alison also shares her expertise with The Idaho LWC, the local committee for USA Weightlifting. In addition to competing, she created its website, manages its social media and serves as an event director for a series of competitions. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Frank Scherr Memorial, a nonprofit that hosts an annual charity golf tournament in Alison’s hometown in South Dakota, in memory of her grandfather.

If you’re still on the fence about attending this year’s event, Alison wants you to dive in, “have fun and enjoy! It’s such a great experience.”