Meet Our Theme Artist


We’re receiving many good vibes from our fans about our artwork for this year’s theme, so we’re taking a moment to introduce you to the artist we are so lucky to have on our team this year! Meet Deborah Martell, a 25-year professional within the graphic design/art director space who recently spread her own wings to focus on a passion: creating fine art using encaustics.

 Her encaustic process involves painting multiple layers of molten wax and resin over her own painted acrylic background, creating a rich layered experience of shifting colors, iridescent shine and texture. The wax / resin / pigment is fused and manipulated with a heat gun and hot iron. She often adds oil pastel, etching, metallics and silk ribbon for detail.


 Deborah said she enjoys creating water and sky landscapes, as well as large abstract paintings. Check out her work at her website,, and see for yourself how each piece is unique and exciting.