Getting the 2019 TEDxBoise party started

If you’re hoping to speak at TEDxBoise 2019 on April 20th at JUMP!, we look forward to receiving your application.

The application link will open September 1. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll receive an email alerting you that it’s live. In the meantime, if you’d like to prepare, take note of these details:

What you’ll need to provide in the application:

  • Your personal and contact information.

  • A concise summary of your idea. Show us you can distill it into a bite-sized morsel.

  • A few sentences on why the idea is worth spreading. Is it new? Is it a new take on an existing idea? (Check out existing TED and TEDx talks to be sure.)

  • A few sentences on why you’re the right person to share it. We won’t need a full bio and you don’t have to be a great speaker—TED-style talks are about ideas, not speaking ability. Tell us how you’re connected to your idea.

TED offers these guidelines (click here) and suggests the following prompts to help you (and us!) vet your idea:

  • What's a controversy in your field that a general audience would understand?

  • What's a common misconception you'd love to clear up?

  • Why is this idea important and to whom?

  • Who would disagree with you and why?

  • How did you carry out this idea in your own work?

  • What's the big idea behind your new project? How did you sell that idea to funders and collaborators?

Mark your calendars (really—we mean it: mark them!)

  • Application link opens: September 1

  • Application link closes: September 28 at 11:59pm

  • Selected applicants receive invites to pitch their ideas: October 8

  • Applicant pitch sessions: October 15 and 16 (evening)

  • Speakers notified of selection: October 18

  • Speaker workshop: November 10 (daytime)

  • Dress rehearsal: April 19 (all day)

  • The main event: April 20 (all day)

What’s expected:

  • Speakers will be required to attend the speaker workshop on November 10 and approximately five individual coaching sessions with one of the TEDxBoise speaker coaches, Nancy and Kirsten. Our team wants you to own that red dot like a boss; these sessions help you prepare your content and delivery.

  • Practice. A lot of it. Most of our speakers spent an average of 1-2 hours per week preparing for their talk over the course of five months. Are you ready to take on that challenge?

  • Flexibility and endurance. Bring your long game; this effort takes time and a willingness to adapt to changes. You’ll need to be coachable and communicative with our team.

  • Community. By being a TEDxBoise speaker, you’re joining a special group of people. Our tribe of speakers and volunteers enjoys each other, works hard, and sticks together. You’ll be a champion for our event in person and on social media before, during, and after the event.

  • For bonus points, we recommend reading up on all things TED- and TEDx-related. Review the links below to round out your understanding.

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