Announcing our 2018 Speakers and Theme


Over the last 3 years, TEDxBoise has covered ‘Icebreaking’ topics, ‘Reframed Radical,’ and ‘Explored. Exposed. Expanded.’ This year, TEDxBoise is in ‘Uncharted Territory: Putting Ideas on the Map.’ Join us in reflecting on the past and living in the present while we question what we know and seek out what we do not. The future is for wanderers, seekers, and the unknown paths they will take. TEDxBoise 2018 is arriving at JUMP’s Pioneer Room on May 5, 2018. This year, the event brings you:

  • The TEDx Talks – Our speakers will share their journeys and discoveries.

  • Breakout Sessions – Your opportunity to connect and discuss with your community.

  • Live Music and Refreshments – Local artists and vendors bringing you the best of Boise.

  • The After Party – decompress and explore with the audience and speakers.

Our speakers will take our minds on a trek to explore new topics or visit familiar ones with a different perspective. Capitalism, 3D Printing, Queerspawn, and River Surfing are just a few of the talks on this year’s itinerary. Over the coming months we will be keeping you informed by interviewing our speakers and releasing more detailed information. Here’s the 2018 speaker lineup:

  • Gabe Bentz

  • Brian Fretwell

  • Amy Gile

  • Alecia Hoobing

  • Brooke Linville

  • Shannon McGuire

  • David Murray

  • Natalie Perry

  • Paul Primus

  • Noah Siple

  • Matthew Weatherly-White

  • Gwen Young