Expose. Explore. Expand.

When it came time to decide the theme for this year’s event, we knew perfection was in order. It had to be short, exceptionally clever and it needed to roll off the tongue, let alone encapsulate the heart of TEDxBoise’s message, represent the interests of our speakers and still leave the audience wanting to ask questions. So nothing too difficult.

Nevertheless, through a few strokes of genius and quite a bit of conversation, we finally arrived at eXpose. eXplore. eXpand. But what does it mean? Better known as The Three eX’s  of TEDx, it breaks down like this:

  • eXpose: This speaks to our human desire to take things and issues apart. We love to see the guts of the world around us and how they work. Throughout history, scientists, tinkerers, housemaids and farmhands have always exposed the meat of their lives in order to learn from it. As humans, we just can’t help ourselves – we love to see how things tick!
  • eXplore: Once the remote control has been opened, the back is off the TV and the soil has been unearthed, this is what we do with what we find. It’s our natural curiosities taking the wheel and driving us in the direction of exploration of the unknown. Made of the same stuff that compelled Lewis and Clark to head West, this is the introduction to our mental workshop.
  • eXpand: After we’ve fully delved into an idea, the question becomes: “so, now what?” and that’s exactly the point! It’s uncharted territory. We’ve uncovered a new truth, something no-one has ever seen before. eXpose peaked our interest, eXplore introduced us to our workshop and eXpand is the culmination of late nights spent tinkering, twisting, thinking, wrestling and stretching. It’s where we test the limits of every new idea. It’s where we work to develop and diversify our minds, daily lives and communities. It’s what we’ve always done as humans.

This year, The Three eX’s have a lot of work cut out for them. Luckily, our incredible list of speakers are ready to lead us into the unknown!

On April 8th, 2017, join us as we eXpose, eXplore and eXpand topics like:

  • Deception-detention with Charles R. Honts.
  • Boise’s homeless population with Jodi Peterson.
  • SpaceX, speech writing and best-selling novel writing with Dex Torricke-Barton.
  • Boise Bicycle Project’s 10,000 recycled bikes with Jimmy Hallyburton.
  • Nutrition and wellness SeAnne Safaii-Waite and Sue Stillman Linja’s expertise in.

It’s a big world out there. There are rocks to be overturned, mysteries to be examined and a whole lot of ideas worth spreading! We can’t wait to see exactly what all 12 of TEDxBoise’s amazing speakers will show us this year as together, we eXpose. eXplore. eXpand.