Behind the speaker-selection scenes

If you missed our speaker brown-bag session a couple weeks ago, you might have some questions about the speaker selection process. Here’s the skinny:

Important dates

  • September 30: Applications due by noon. Bonus points for those who don’t wait until the last minute. (Not really.)
  • October 2: Those applicants selected to pitch their ideas “live” to the selection committee will be notified via email. If you don’t hear from us, then please know we are grateful for your interest but had to choose from among many great ideas and couldn’t fit yours in this time.
  • October 8 (afternoon) and October 10 (evening): Pitch sessions with second-round applicants.
  • October 15: Finalists are notified of their selection to speak at the 2017 event on April 8 at JUMP.
  • November 1: Finalists respond with their commitment to the event and all the intervening requirements.

What we’re looking for

  • Above all, the idea needs to be spreadable. Is it a new idea? Or at least a new take on an existing idea? TED-style talks are idea-driven, not speaking ability-driven.
  • Why are you the right person to tell this story or share this idea?
  • Are you able to convey this idea clearly and concisely? In an authentic, and relatable way?

What it takes

  • Speakers must attend a minimum of five free 1:1 sessions with one of the TEDxBoise speaker coaches (Nancy Buffington, AlejAndro Anastasio, and Kirsten Holmberg). We want you to give the best talk of your life; the coaching helps make that happen. We’ll help you deal with content development and delivery, anxiety, and slide preparation.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Will you be able to fit in the necessary hours of preparation with your other commitments? What other considerations might affect your commitment?
  • Being a TEDxBoise speaker requires endurance, flexibility, coach-ability, and flexibility.
  • We want you to be part of the TEDxBoise (and TED) community for years to come. Plug in, get to know the other speakers and volunteers. Help us by promoting the event and your talk!

What you’ll be a part of

  • TED is, at its heart, a conference. One meant to foster community and conversation to spread good ideas across the globe. Originally exclusively an on-site conference, in 2006 TED began posting the talks online to grant the world access to all the fantastic information being shared. While the events are often expensive (but amazing!) to attend, the videos are shared online for free.
  • Today, 17 TED talks are being viewed every second. In more than 100 languages.
  • TEDx, the independently organized, licensed events, began in 2008. TEDxBoise began in 2015. 2015 speaker Kate Simonds’ talk has more than one million views to date. (Just think: you’re getting a shot at this!)
  • TEDxBoise is entirely volunteer-led. We believe in this conference and are excited to have you along for the ride.
Got questions? Shoot us an email at Can’t wait to hear your idea worth spreading!