Uncharted Territory: Putting Ideas on the Map.

Reflecting on the past, and living in the present, allows us to question what we know, and seek out what we do not. The future is for the wanderers, the seekers, and the unknown paths they will take.

2018 Event Schedule

Session 1 TERRITORY WITHIN | Internal Exploration

David Murray Creativity's last stand:  In defense of our children's imaginations

Amy Gile  How does a female CEO in technology balance her roles?

Alecia Hoobing  Hello.  My name is Alecia and I'm a recovering photoholic.

Brian Fretwell  What a 15-year-old meth addict taught me about leadership

Session 2 TRUE NORTH | Recalibrating Our Tools & Selves

Brooke Linville  What raising $12 million taught me

Bobbi K. Dominick  How to be a #metoo leader in stopping harassment

Shannon McGuire  Is there a place for food?

Natalie Perry  A queerspawn view on closeted LGBTQ+ families

Matthew Weatherly-White  Capitalism is about to save us all.  Here's how I know.  

Session 3 BEYOND THE HORIZON | New Places

Afrosonics  Entertainment

Paul Primus  Surfing the non-coast

Noah Siple  How today's veterans build community differently

Gabe Bentz  What can you do with a giant 3D printer farm?

Gwen Young  Pathways to more women in leadership


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2018 Speakers

2018 Performers